Hot pudding on a cold day!

Apple and blueberry strudel
There is nothing nicer than hot pudding when there is snow outside (which there is!).   WIth plenty of stewed apple in the freezer (thanks to the generosity of our apple tree) and a packet of filo pastry needing to be used in the fridge, strudel was a logical choice. I tend to use filo rather than regular pastry as with filo you can control how much fat is in the dish – the fat comes from the butter/oil brushed between layers rather than being present in the pastry itself (as with regular pastry).
Regular apple pie can have around 30 – 40g fat per slice while this strudel has no more than 5g fat per serve. You can have the same sized portion for way less kilojoules and fat.  And it tastes just as delicious!
Blueberries are an optional extra which as well as boosting flavour contribute valuable antioxidants for the brain.
Serve with yoghurt cream instead of regular cream and you have a dessert that wins on all counts!
Serves 6-8
Time to prepare 45 minutes

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