Cottage pie with cauliflower and white bean mash

Cottage pie topped with cauliflower and white bean mash
This low glycemic index version of standard cottage (shepherds) pie uses a lower carb cauliflower and white bean mash as the topping.   Lentils are also added to the beef – this extends and add more fibre while lowering the overall fat content per serve.   A perfect dish for those watching their weight or trying for better blood sugar control.
Serves 6-8
Time to make 60 minutes (includes cooking time)

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Health at any weight?

The latest listener has a cover story promoting health at any weight.  It describes the pressures and discrimination suffered by those who are above a healthy weight and advocates for a society where there is greater size acceptance.  The argument is that weight and Body Mass Index are not ideal measures of health and that programmes that push for weight loss are doing more damage than good. Continue reading

Chilli chocolate brownies

Chilli chocolate brownies
My love of Lindt chilli chocolate inspired these brownies. If you enjoy chilli with your chocolate you will enjoy these.  I used apple puree and gluten free flour which made them moist, sticky and moreish without the need for butter. Using regular self-raising flour instead of gluten free flour works well also.
Makes 20 small brownies
Time to make 45 minutes

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