Cr*p award to Burger King for their continued efforts in corrupting food and our tastebuds

Not content with the double down burger, Burger King has now launched its “bacon sundae”  The salty-sweet dessert contains soft-serve ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, bacon crumbles and a thick piece of bacon garnish – and it is rushing out from the freezers of US BK outlets. Laden with saturated fat and with 510 calories per serve it is similarly bad news for health and weight.

As someone who loves real food, the thought of such a dessert makes me want to heave, but hey, I’m just a nutritionist, a kill-joy and someone who actually cares what I put in my mouth.  People like me “need to be annoyed” according to one New Zealander who is campaigning for the dessert to be brought to NZ.  He said ”a bacon ice cream sundae annoys all the sorts of people who really need to be annoyed from time to time.”

Is that why people want to eat such food?  Do they really see nutritionists/dietitians  as wanting to control their lives to such an extent that it is worth gaining weight and damaging  health just to annoy us?  How sad if this is the case!

I hate to disillusion this gallant campaigner, but I (and my colleagues)  don’t get angry at people who choose to eat such crap – we feel sorry for them instead as they are just victims of a profit-driven fast food industry.  They have fallen prey to the hyperpalatable combinations of fat, sugar and salt, that are used to corrupt taste buds and create addiction.  Like any addict, they will defend their habit to the end.

No, I am angry at the fast food companies, who
- create new products that exploit our natural biological cravings for sugar, fat and salt and  create addiction
- convince children and adults alike through agressive and irresponsible marketing that fast food makes you happy and is the logical solution to having to cook
- lobby agressively against anything that would restrict their marketing or operations and make large donations to powers that are in a position to protect their interests
- deny responsibility for burgeoning obesity and related health issues, instead saying it is all “personal responsibility”
- are not around to pick up the pieces and pay the health care costs of the millions of people they send into a life of illness and misery.  That’s left to us the taxpayers!

And I am very angry at our government who does nothing to protect children against this sort of corruption.  But that is a bigger story – a rave for another day!

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