Beef tagine with prunes and honey

Beef Tagine with prunes, dates and honey
I love slow cooking, particularly in winter. There is nothing nicer on a cold day than to bask in the smells and anticipation of a rich casserole or stew.  Hearing about a friend’s holiday in Morocco reminded me of how much I love Tagines. The exotic and spicy aroma of this version was the next best thing to being there too!
Serves 6
Time to make  5-8 hours in the slow cooker

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Cr*p award to Burger King for their continued efforts in corrupting food and our tastebuds

Not content with the double down burger, Burger King has now launched its “bacon sundae”  The salty-sweet dessert contains soft-serve ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, bacon crumbles and a thick piece of bacon garnish – and it is rushing out from the freezers of US BK outlets. Laden with saturated fat and with 510 calories per serve it is similarly bad news for health and weight. Continue reading