Weight loss tip – use the 2:1 ratio for vegetables and meat

Where ever you have meat (or meat alternatives) have twice the volume of vegetables i.e. a 2: 1 ratio of non starchy vegetables to meat. As well as providing many nutritional benefits, this fills you up with fewer kilojoules.

On your dinner plate this means twice the quantity of non-starchy vegetables as meat (or fish, chicken, nuts or tofu).  Non starchy vegetables include all vegetables except potatoes, kumara, parsnips, corn, taro and yams.

In a sandwich this means twice as much of salad as meat (or cheese, egg or tuna).

The following sandwiches illustrate why bulking out with vegetables is so useful for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. 
The cheese and salami sandwich has more than twice the kilojoules of the ham and salad sandwich  (2318kJ compared to1140kJ).

The cheese and salami sandwich has nearly 7 times the fat of the healthier sandwich (37g  compared to just 4g) and most of the fat is saturated meaning it is not good for heart health.  As well it has less than half the fibre (2g compared to 5g).

The ham and salad sandwich is also far more filling also – one round is likely to fill you up whereas you might need two rounds of the other.

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