Baked pears – the simplest recipe ever!

Baked pears
In winter I always have some of these in the fridge.   They can be used in so many ways – with cereal for breakfast, with some yoghurt or icecream for pudding or sliced with blue cheese and walnuts on a nibbles platter.   So easy yet so versatile and delicious!

Take as many pears as you like (I like the buerre bosc variety), place them whole and upright in an appropriately sized baking dish, make a small slit in the skin of each pear (to prevent it bursting) and slow bake at around 160oC for around 2 hours or until flesh is very soft and skins a bit wrinkly.
The idea is to evaporate some of the water from the pears to concentrate the sweetness and flavour.


Serve on breakfast cereal

Healthy habits- not adding sugar to fruit when cooking; instead concentrating the sugar naturally present by evaporating off some of the water.

As a yummy dessert with thick yoghurt, chopped ginger and walnuts

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