Crap award to the Press for poor journalism

An article in the Press yesterday made me furious – titled “Junk food a driving force” it stated that ” a good old fashioned junk food binge” was the motivation that Sophie Pascoe used to “propel” her to further Olympic glory” !  What a load of crap!  Are we really to think that all her getting up early, all her training and all her sacrifices are being driven by an urge for a happy meal if she wins???  And what of the wording used – “good old fashioned junk food binge” – do “good” and “binge” really belong together in a description and have I lost the plot completely in assuming meat and veg were “old fashioned” rather than a double down burger with fries? And are the aspiring young Sophies of today to assume that junk food is the way to get there?   This article is wrong on so many counts and is a classic example of how facts are distorted by the press.  It also shows how subtely we are manipulated by the media – the more we are told a binge on junk food is “good”, the more this sort of behaviour is normalised. 
Good on you Sophie; enjoy your fast food meal – I am sure it will be an occasional divergence from a normally healthy diet and definitely not be a “binge” !

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