Morbidly obese fish???

I was intrigued by this photo in the weekend’s Press of what is thought to be one of the biggest (if not the biggest) trout in the world. This mega-fish grew to a whopping 39.7 lbs, by living under the salmon cages in the upper Waitaki hydro canals.  The salmon food drifts down through the cages giving the fish an endless supply of processed food that it barely has to flip a fin to devour.
Anyone that says obesity is about “personal responsibility” has blinkers on.  Given the developed world’s overabundance of easy-access, energy-dense foods and technology that makes activity almost redundant, it is not surprising obesity rates are soaring.  It appears we are no different to fish when it comes to taking “personal responsibility” in environments that make healthy choices the less available and less attractive.  Why would the fish battle the currents and competition to find food when a ready supply requiring no work to find is there for the taking?  Human nature is the same – like fish we have to swim against the tide if we are to remain healthy in our current environment!