Gold star to Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

With more than a third of London’s 11 year olds overweight the Mayor of London Boris Johnson is launching a £600,000 project called ‘Healthy Schools London’. This will recognise schools that are tackling obesity; it will give them monetary rewards if they provide healthy lunches and encourage children to exercise. I wish some of our New Zealand politicians would do the same; first however they need to recognise and acknowledge we have a problem, something they seem incredibly loathe to do!!! Continue reading

Apricot curry chicken with quinoa

I am sorry that recipes and comments have been thin on the ground this year – am on extended leave at the moment in Europe and recipe development has not been easy.  I will be back on home turf early July so promise to be more diligent then.  In the meantime I hope you like this delicious take on a recipe I found while in London (by Charlie Trotter).

Apricot curry chicken with quinoa
Serves 4
Time to make: 30 minutes Continue reading