Gold star to Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

With more than a third of London’s 11 year olds overweight the Mayor of London Boris Johnson is launching a £600,000 project called ‘Healthy Schools London’. This will recognise schools that are tackling obesity; it will give them monetary rewards if they provide healthy lunches and encourage children to exercise. I wish some of our New Zealand politicians would do the same; first however they need to recognise and acknowledge we have a problem, something they seem incredibly loathe to do!!!

It is interesting observing food trends in the UK and comparing them to New Zealand; the supermarkets in the UK for example are more like take-out shops, full of ready-to-go packaged foods. If you want ingredients, a tin of tomatoes for example, you have to go to a remote aisle where a very limited range of such items exist for sale. It seems nobody actually cooks from scratch any more which means cooking skills will further erode. Soon they will only exist amongst professional chefs and food manufacturers yet sadly these people have sales and not our health and well-being as their primary motivation!
If we are to stop NZ supermarkets going down the same path we must promote and preserve cooking skills at all costs. Advocating for the preservation of cooking classes in schools is a must, particularly with our current Government and education minister!

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