Ginger and walnut stuffed pears

Ginger and walnut stuffed pears
I love ginger and walnuts so anything using them is a hit with me. The slow cooking of the pears first ie before adding the stuffing, caramelises and intensifies the natural sugars making a deliciously sweet dessert with little added sugar. Good enough to serve for a special dinner!

Serves 8
Time to make  5 minutes plus  2 hours cooking time

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Power oat pancake

This pancake is so easy to make for one person and has great sustaining powers.  The egg together with the fibre from the oats and oatbran will keep you going for 4 hours at least.  Topped with fruit and yoghurt it is so delicious it will have you leaping out of bed in the morning!
Serves 1
Time to make  5 minutes

So delicious it is worth getting up for!

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Snacks – do they look after our health and weight?

A muffin or slice with a milky drink can provide 1/4 the kilojoules you need each day!

Do you regularly snack or graze? Are you driven by hunger, boredom, habit or the belief that the body needs a constant supply of food? Whatever the reason, the reality is that in most cases snacking works against our health and weight.
Snacking is almost a given these days. The 3 meal a day pattern (with little in between) is threatened as a profit driven and growing food industry needs us to eat more and more. Psuedo science tells us we need to drip feed ourselves with food, just as it tells us we need to do with water, where people cling limpet-like to their water bottles, fearful that letting go will cause instant dehydration. Continue reading