Bird seed loaf

While I like to think that the recipes on this blog are “my own”, rarely is this truly the case.  Recipes travel like all good ideas – and as they do so they are moulded, shaped and altered to suit the needs of the user.   Like most cooks, I get ideas from other recipes and dishes sampled, then I add my spin to it.  This recipe has none of “my spin”  however – it comes directly from my favourite food blog “Not quite Nigella”!  With no wheat, eggs or dairy, it also can be used almost universally – always a bonus in this increasingly food conscious world.  Above all, it is absolutely delicious.  Serve as is or toasted, with anything you would normally have with bread,  Thanks Not quite Nigella – this is now a staple in my household!

Time to make: 25 minutes preparation + 35 minutes cooking
Makes: 1 medium loaf
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