Banana and coconut cake – gluten free

My husband wanted a gluten free banana cake for his birthday so I did what I normally do and looked to Mr Google for inspiration!   And then I did what I usually do next, amalgamated interesting ideas I found into something that would work for me and my ingredients. The result was so delicious I want to share it.  It looked beautiful too, with the cooked bananas and walnuts on top.  I will definitely do this one again!

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Foods not nutrients

Are you more confused than ever as to what we “should” be eating for health and for weight loss???  The fat versus carbs debate is getting tiresome and it does not help that even experts seem to disagree what we should eat for optimum health.  When I start to feel bewildered I remind myself to stay grounded, and the best way to do this (in my view) is to consider foods not nutrients. Continue reading