Gold star to British Govt for introducing sugar tax!

Go Britain, you put New Zealand to shame when it comes to anti obesity strategies!

New Zealand may have been the first to give women the vote but when it comes to being proactive around childhood obesity prevention it is a lagger to say the least!  In fact, our current government’s performance on this is SO abysmal, I can only assume it is actively protecting the interests of big corporations; it is certainly not protecting the interests of those it was elected to serve.  The obesity measures they introduced recently are at best a smoke screen, there is nothing with any teeth to prevent or reduce our spiraling obesity rates or to help those who are already struggling with its burden.

Britain on the other hand has surprised the world with its triumphant announcement today.  It recognises that obesity is a burden for all of us to bear and that sugary drinks are a main player in its promotion.  While I wish they had included fruit juice and sweetened milk in their list, it is certainly a step in the right direction.  Gold stars all around!

I now wonder how long it will take NZ to do the same?  As the country who first gave women the vote I would love to see us be proactive in this issue.  Be a leader, not a follower is the message I give to Jonathon Coleman.  Put the future of our children first, not the relationships you need to protect in order to stay in power.

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