Hi, I’m Bronwen
Food is my passion – preparing and serving it, reading, writing and talking about it and learning how it keep us well.  And of course, I enjoy eating it!
I am a New Zealand registered nutritionist with teaching and chef qualifications. 


  • Showing people how to enjoy food, good health and a healthy weight at the same time.


  • A no-diet world where people enjoy food and that the foods they enjoy also look after their health and weight
  • A world where healthy options are the most available, attractive and affordable
  • A world where food is produced ethically and sustainably and where mega-corporations are unable to corrupt our food supply or food choices
  • A world where eating is simple, satisfying and nurturing
  • Good food as everyone’s right, not something to struggle for!

Career highlights

  • Population health nutritionist
  • Teacher/lecturer in high schools, tertiary institutes and university
  • Head of a catering college
  • Resource development for many agencies including Ministry of Health
  • Chairing New Zealand’s Obesity Action Coalition (advocacy organisation for environments that support healthy weight)
  • Manager/chef of a café and catering business
  • Presenting my own healthy eating television series
  • Food writer for Healthy Food Guide magazine and others
  • Recipe development and food photography
  • Designing and running weight management and sports nutrition programmes.

Currently  I manage “Appetite for life”, a weight management programme delivered in primary care by specifically trained health professionals. This blog is inspired by the thousands of people who have been liberated from dieting from this programme. www.appetiteforlife.org.nz

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About eatlosewin…..

  • Eat. We all have the right to do eat and enjoy, without guilt or health consequences.
  • Lose. Diets do not work.  Achieving a healthy weight will only happen through small habit changes.This can be done enjoyably without dieting, suffering or deprivation.
  • Win. If you can eat well, enjoy your food and lose weight you are a winner!

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