Food diaries – why they are so helpful for weight loss

Are you a snacker, grazer or 3 meal a day person?  Do you skip breakfast, have little lunch then feast all evening because you are starving or “because you deserve it”?  Do you eat because you are tired, miserable or bored? Are you “good” most of the time, but have mini food “breakouts” because it is all too difficult?

Eating habits are shaped over our lifetime.  Identifying and understanding them is the first stage in your journey to a healthier weight, and the easiest way to do this is through a food diary.

A food diary not only helps you remember what you have eaten, it helps you to identify why you ate and how the food made you feel.  It also helps you get back in touch with feelings of hunger and fullness – feelings you may not fully recognise, particularly if you eat randomly or chaotically.

Most importantly, food diaries enable you to identify habits or food choices that may be contributing to your being above a healthy weight.  Once these are identified, you have a starting point for change.  Continue reading

Why it is so easy to gain weight and so difficult to lose it – part 2

Our unchanged hunger gatherer genes make us good at storing fat and our world makes it is so easy to eat more than we need;  these are key reasons for the alarming increase in obesity we have seen in the past 50 years. Carrying on from the last blog I will attempt to explain more about why the world works against us when it comes to weight loss.

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Why do we get fat – is it just about gluttony and sloth?

Why do we get fat?
The answer is simple really, at least that’s what we are told; we get fat because we eat too much and exercise too little, in other words it is all about gluttony and sloth! A local Doctor suggested recently that “all they need is a poke in the ribs”.  It is no wonder we are weighed down by guilt and self-doubt!   Those who have struggled with weight for years will know that fat gain and weight loss are far from simple and to suggest that all we need is a bit of resolve and willpower is insulting at best.   I know from personal experience and from the people I see that dieters have the strongest of willpowers – willpower unfortunately will never win when biology and the world we live in fights it at every turn!

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Health at any weight?

The latest listener has a cover story promoting health at any weight.  It describes the pressures and discrimination suffered by those who are above a healthy weight and advocates for a society where there is greater size acceptance.  The argument is that weight and Body Mass Index are not ideal measures of health and that programmes that push for weight loss are doing more damage than good. Continue reading

Cr*p award to Burger King for their continued efforts in corrupting food and our tastebuds

Not content with the double down burger, Burger King has now launched its “bacon sundae”  The salty-sweet dessert contains soft-serve ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, bacon crumbles and a thick piece of bacon garnish – and it is rushing out from the freezers of US BK outlets. Laden with saturated fat and with 510 calories per serve it is similarly bad news for health and weight. Continue reading