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Address      P O Box 29130, Christchurch, 8540, New Zealand

7 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Oh No went to make the pumpkin chick pea and cashew nut curry to find that the Cottage pie recipie has over written it sob sob…Please can you bring that lovely recipe back.

    Thanks a million Rachel

  2. Yay thank you so much for this inspirational blog, looking forward and excited to try all the recipes and catching up on the articles. :-)

  3. Hi Bronwen I have been looking at your recipes and think they are amazing. I have a 16yr old who is not eating enough Carbs. can you give me some healthy Carb snack ideas that I can give her. look forward to hearing from you soon. Sandra

  4. Hi ma’am! I am Chin-chin a first year student of the University of the Philippines. I am really grateful that I read a blog about you saying facts about Milo. My group and I is currently conducting a research about the need of promotion of Tablea in our school instead of other commercialized chocolate drinks specifically Milo. we really need more facts about Milo to strengthen our argument and your article was the answer to our questions! Or professor would be very glad to meet you ma’am. Just like you, she is also very fond of food, studying about its history and everything else. Thank you so much ma’am!

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